Your essential questions answered

Below are honest answers to a few of the important questions we are asked on a daily basis:

Is there an actual difference between a ‘tree lopper’ and an ‘arborist’?

A tree lopper in most instances is simply someone with the equipment and basic know-how required to lop branches and remove trees. An arborist on the other hand is someone with the knowledge and training required to clearly understand the full scope of any given tree problem, whether it is lopping, removal, land clearing or even replanting.

Our family tree is looking unwell and a local lopper said it should be removed, is that true?

If there has been no proper inspection involved in the process, the answer is essentially no – your true might not need to be removed. A qualified arborist will, such as A1 Tree Service, can and will be able to accurately assess the situation and recommend a viable alternative to outright removal. We always see removal as a final solution only, never a cure all.

Does branch lopping eliminate the need for removal?

A strategic branch lopping service can effectively eliminate any potential danger presented to you and your property. With the largest and most hazardous branches out of the equation, your tree no longer poses any sort of direct threat to anyone or anything. As always, we are focused in making removal a last resort only.

What areas do you service?

We are willing to go far and wide to help you with your tree problems; we service Bundaberg, Wide Bay, Gladstone, Kingaroy, Biloela, Gayndah, Monto, Munduberra, GinGin, Childers, Woodgate, Agnes Water and a number of key areas in this part of Queensland. Please note that in certain instances there will be a travel surcharge on top of the basic service fee.

Do you do dry hire for your machinery services?

Unfortunately no. We do this for safety and quality reasons. We find it is best to always have a qualified member of the A1 Tree Service team behind the controls of equipment at all times; this guarantees greater safety and efficiency on all sites.

Are you insured?

You can rest assured knowing that not only are we highly qualified but we are also fully insured for all services we carry out. We shall always do our utmost to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when dealing with any tree related problems.

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