Soil and Mulch Delivery

The perfect addition to any lawn or garden bed

Mulch – The difference between a good garden and a great garden is the mulch you use. With the right mulch, you can more actively retain moisture, suppress weeds and keep your soil cool with absolute ease. Which leaves the question, where can you get the right mulch? It just so happens that A1 Tree Service has a ready stock of some of the finest mulch money can buy. Just think of it as our way of giving back to the ecosystem. Our stock is made from natural materials and is sure to more than live up to your expectations. Plus, with a choice between new and old mulch varieties, we can better suit any budget or gardening type. It’s all a matter of how much you need and when you need it by.

Soil – To establish a good garden bed for planting, you must first start with a good top quality garden soil.  We supply a good top quality garden soil for your gardens which will make your plants flourish in no time.   When your lawns need attention or you are establishing a new lawn, we also provide a good top quality top soil.

How To Order

For all orders we need to know:

  • Which mulch type you require (old or new)
  • Which soil you require (garden or topsoil)
  • How much is needed (15 or 25m2 loads)
  • Where it needs to be delivered to

Once we have the above information we can provide you with a detailed quote and an estimated delivery time. Please note that we do not sell in small quantities and that we only deliver – no office/store pick up is available.

Give your lawns and gardens a fighting chance rain or shine with soil and mulch from A1 Tree Service. Call 0421 855 861 or (07) 4155 1100 today.