Branch Lopping

Are you prepared for storm season?

With each passing storm season, the trees around your home present an increasing threat. Large branches could potentially become a hazard the moment the gale force winds hit. Thankfully for you, A1 Tree Service is here to save the day. With a keen eye and expert training, an A1 Tree Service arborist can zero in on which branches pose the greatest risk to you and your property. With a single service we can eliminate any immediate threats while also doing what is best for the tree’s continued growth.

In a single service we can:

  • Increase safety
  • Beautify gardens
  • Control branch growth
  • Improved tree health

How It Works

An A1 Tree Service arborist will assess the tree or trees presenting the highest degree of risk, pin pointing problem branches. Along with this we will also assess:

  • The species of the tree; determining whether branch removal is permissible.
  • The extent of access; in terms of both your property and any adjoining properties.
  • Danger zones; where branches may fall.

With this information they can set about removing these branches in a way that eliminates the risk to you while also preserving the overall health of the tree. What you are left with in the end, is a tree that is not only safe to remain on your property but also a tree that is certain to be healthy and beautiful for many more years to come.

Stop accidents before they happen with A1 Tree Service’s branch lopping services. Call us on 0421 855 861 or (07) 4155 1100 today.