Bulk Land Clearing

Cost-effective, full service bulk land clearing

Cost-effective productivity are the three magic words that make all the difference when undertaking any infrastructure or housing development project. Utilising the latest in land clearing technology, A1 Tree Service helps road works and major land projects quickly and easily push on with their next phase of development.

How do we do this? By clearing away vegetation efficiently and effectively, leaving nothing but clean and clear land. With 600 horsepower, the horizontal grinder we currently use can churn out 180m3 of mulch in the span of a single hour. All of said mulch can be either taken away from the site by us or utilised as part of your project. And thankfully for you, our services are not strictly limited to the clearing of the land. As fully qualified arborists, prior to any clearing, we can see to all the necessary identification, recording and documentation regarding the vegetation being removed.

Past Bulk Clearing Projects

Across our many years of operation we have been involved in projects for:

  • Main Roads
  • Bundaberg Earthworks
  • ProBuild Civil
  • Ergon
  • Bundaberg Regional Council
  • VEC Civil
  • QBuild

Each of the above organisations can attest to our professionalism, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You can trust us to do our utmost to deliver on our promise of providing clean and clear land with minimal fuss.

Discover how we can help you start your project sooner by calling us on (07) 4155 1100 today.