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Safe, effective tree removal

As stunning as they may be, there will be times when the outright removal of a tree becomes a must; some times a tree is in the way, some times a tree it attracts pests, and some times a tree is too sickly to stay standing any longer. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a job best left to a trained arborist – someone with the necessary skills and expertise to get it done with minimal mess or fuss. This is a job, for A1 Tree Service. An A1 Tree Service arborist can accurately assess whether a tree can be removed and what the best course of action is. If we are certain it can be done, a member of our capable team will see to it at a time that works best for you. In no time at all your home will be free of the problem. As a plus, there will be no mess, hassle or danger for you to deal with now or in the future. With a single service we can ensure:

  • Decreased pests
  • Minimised damage to the home
  • Increased yard space

When done, as an added service, we can even grind the stump for you. What you will be left with is a clear space for you to use as you see fit. Though it should be noted that there are a number of key species of tree that either cannot be removed or require special advice prior to removal. If this is the case we will do what we can to help, including negotiating any approvals needed.

How It Works

Starting with a free consultation, we will assess:

  • The condition of your tree; judging whether or not removal is both necessary and possible.
  • The species of the tree; determining whether it is permissible to be removed.
  • The size of the tree
  • The extent of access; in terms of both your property and any adjoining properties.

If removal is the option taken, we will arrange a date for carrying out a safe and effective removal. Our team take all necessary precautions to limit danger and mess, leaving you with a clean and clear space to use as you see fit.

When a tree simply has to go, give A1 Tree Service a call on 0421 855 861 or (07) 4155 1100.