Why an Arborist

Bundaberg’s #1 Tree service

While a great deal of what we do is based on years of experience, the real efficiency and effectiveness of our services comes from our unique industry-specific qualifications. As fully qualified arborists with a Diploma in Arboriculture and a Level 5 Consulting Arborist, we are “tree experts” who tackle any given situation with a heightened degree of knowledge and science.

Understanding Before Action

There are those in the broader tree removal industry who are more than willing to remove a tree so long as they are paid for doing so. At no stage do they attempt to understand the what or the why of the tree or the problem at hand. An arborist on the other hand can actively analyse any tree related situation and recommend the most appropriate course of action. We do our best to assess the full extent of what we see, weighing up what options are available for both you and the tree. This helps ensure that only the most reasonable course of action is taken, thusly limiting the cost to you and the negative impact on the localised ecosystem that is your property.

Knowing the Difference

What some may not realise is that there are select species of tree that cannot be altered or removed unless either a special permit is granted or extenuating circumstances make it necessary. To remove a protected species in other instances can lead to charges and fines against both the land owner and the professional involved in the removal. Thankfully, a fully qualified arborist can readily recognise the species of the tree in question and inform you as to whether or not it is a) protected and b) can be altered or removed.

A Higher Standard

Above all else, hiring a qualified arborist guarantees greater piece of mind. It is thanks to this qualification that we are able to deliver on our promise of safety and integrity for not only the property owner but also the environment. And it is because of this, we can also guarantee the value of the services we provide.

An A1 Tree Service arborist is the greener, smarter solution to all of your tree problems. Call us on (07) 4155 1100 / 0421 855 861 today.